Simple Actions = Huge Successes!

Do your bit to be a force for good. Just do the following, and you'll be part of one of the most powerful movements in human history...

+ Walk to school!
+ Cycle into town!
+ Urge your school to join the Eco-Schools project (
+ Install renewable energy sources at home (see
+ Turn off your computer - don't leave it on stand-by
+ Share lifts with other families if you have to take a car
+ Use energy-saving light bulbs

An Act of Climate Responsibility...

I made the above Act as part of this entry to show how simple the facts needed to combat climate change really are. All we need to do is accept those terms and act on them. If we recognise them, we recognise a new era of environmental stewardship - and we fight climate change.

But let's not wait for scientists and politicians to solve our problems. Let's take the matter into our own hands, and cut our carbon footprints now!

WWF-UK: Get on Board